Express Paving   serving Texas; Granbury TX,Tolar TX , Stephenville TX,Glen Rose TX ,Acton TX,Bluff Dale TX, Morgan MillsTX,Millsap TX,Lipan,Dublin,Comanche ,Hico,Hamilton, Santo,Palo Pinto,Weatherford TX ,Eastland,Benbrook cities in Texas since 1975.

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Welcome to Express Paving, 
For more than 30 years, Express Paving has been providing Granbury and surrounding communities with quality asphalt paving , chip seal and sealcoating services. We are proud be a local family owned paving business based in Granbury Texas for the past 30 years,

Rest assured,  we are dedicated and committed to delivering customers the highest standards of paving workmanship, while promoting
 honest and reliable standards, always trying to be prompt when and where you need us, assuring hard work and a honest price for your project.

Thanks to our high standards of workmanship, we have impeccable references that has been well earned over our 30 years in business 
and has allowed us to meet, if not exceed all our expectations in the pavement business .

Turn to us for a variety of paving services. Some of our asphalt paving experience includes hotmix ,chip seal, sealcoating, base work for city streets, private roads, subdividions , driveways, parking lots, hiking trails, school tracks, sidewalks, and many more pavement projects.

Express Paving  Specialist in:
Hot Asphalt Paving - Chip Seal - Sealcoating 
 RAP - Base Work - Repairs
Complete Preparations and Maintenance.

Call Express Paving today for prompt and reliable services.
Discount to church ministries and schools.

 We love family, friends and the surrounding communities in our Texas area . 
We are looking forward to serving your pavement needs.                                                   
                                                                               Thank you for your patronage and time ! 
                                                                                                                    Don Humphrey
Express Paving & Sealcoating
Don Humphrey ~ 817-219-5842
" Impeccable  References"

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Palo Pinto
We hope to serve all 
our surrounding areas.

Chip Seal Paving
Asphalt Paving
Commercial • Residential 
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 Express Paving 
Serving Hood and surrounding counties over 30 years
Impeccable  References
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