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Some of the Texas City and Counties We Provide Asphalt Paving Hot Mix, Chip Seal Paving and Seal Coating services for:Granbury TX,Glenrose TX,Bluffdale TX,Stephenville TX,Weatherford TX,Ft Worth TX,Benbrook TX,Comanche,Eastland,Burleson,Hico TX,HamiltonTX,Hall,Strawn,Acton TX,LipanTX,Wichita Falls TX, counties:Hood,Somervell,Erath,Wise,Tarrant
Asphalt Paving 
*Asphalt  paving is an excellent option if you're looking for a long lasting, functional asphalt parking area for driveways , parking lots, roads, streets, sidewalks, golf paths,  motels , schools, churches, storage, horse barns, buildings etc. Asphalt paving is cheaper than concrete and resists cracking better . 

Asphalt Paving  is  less prone to damage from salts and ice melt, and it cures quicker, meaning you can
 use your roadway soon after an asphalt paving installation,Usually within 24hours .

*  Maintenance is the answer to the life of  your asphalt.  In order to ensure the longest life possible, once the asphalt paving is down , you' will  need to sealcoat  the  asphalt pavement on a regular basis. .

Benefits of asphalt  paving are,  the maintenance cost, asphalt  is less expensive  to repair then concrete..
* Express Paving  not only does asphalt paving, but also can do many of  your concrete work at affordable price.

We can do any asphalt ,chip seal, sealcoating paving for your driveway , roads or parking lots from start to finished.  " Impeccable  References"

*Streets*Roads*Ranch Roads
*Driveways*Parking lots*Churches
*Schools*Apartments*Hiking Trails
Asphalt Hot Mix * Chip Seal*Seal Coating 
* Complete Site Preparation 
* Asphalt and Maintenance Service
Commercial • Residential 
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 Express Paving 
Serving Hood and surrounding counties over 30 years
Impeccable  References
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