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Express  Paving & Sealcoating 
Specializing in

• Asphalt Hot Mix 
• Chip Seal Paving
• Sealcoating - Asphalt  Repairs
• Base Work - Pads- Tracks
• Complete Site Preparation
, Complete Asphalt  Maintenance
Asphalt pavement  -  Chip Seal  
 Recycled asphalt (RAP) base

These are a few Cost effective 
 paving ways to improve your
 property parking areas "Curb Appeal" 
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Express Paving  says pricing a paving project can get a little complicated sometimes online or e-mail. Our experienced paving professionals at Express Paving take Texas pride in un-complicating the pricing process for customers by visiting your location, hearing your desires, learning your specific requirements, and providing an accurate estimate for your paving project right then and there.You may call us anytime never to busy to talk one on one. call us today !
You may contact us here with your project or by e-mail to let us know what you want or need. We will get back to you with an estimate and FREE ONLINE BID within a day or two. 

We will send a Free Estimate "APPROX. PAVING BID" by e-mail with our approx. cost according to the info you give below.
We do have to inspect the property hands on before true estimates can be given..

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Express Paving  agrees to approx bid only at the signing of contracts.after viewing properties.   Thank you very much for your time.
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Express Paving / asphalt paving contractors / Granbury TX / Tolar TX
Serving Hood county and surrounding areas over 30 years
Call today at 817-219-5842
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Commercial • Residential 
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 Express Paving 
Serving Hood and surrounding counties over 30 years
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